About us

Sunday Gathering

The Heart of Making Disciples

That is, gathering to love Jesus together as the entire local church body is the heartbeat that provides life for everything else that we do. The New Testament teaches that the church is the church gathered together; that essential to being brought into the likeness of Christ (discipleship) is meeting together regularly with Christ’s people.

Community Groups

The Home for Making Disciples

These are groups of 8-14 people that express the multi-faceted reality of New Testament community. The community group functions like a house for a family. It is the primary “space” in which God’s people find all the things they need from a community that loves Jesus together, including Identity, belonging, mutual service, and mission. Remembering the gospel, rejoicing in it, and relating it to the world are the rhythms that shape how the community puts flesh on what it looks like to love Jesus together

Life Groups

Making Disciples of One Another

In this setting, tight-knit clusters of 3-4 people open up their lives to each other for the purpose of pressing into the Bible together. They provide context for remembering God’s Word, rejoicing in it, and relating it to one another.

Discipleship Tracks

Multiplying Disciples

The aim of Redeemer’s Discipleship Training is to equip men and women for the work of making disciples in the places they live, work, and play. Our Disciple Training Tracks seek to develop men and women in their ability to study the word of God, direct them in their efforts to apply this knowledge to life, and deploy them into specific areas of ministry in the local church.