Your Community Needs You

Dan Nichols

I fear that many have bought into the principle that, while each of us may be of some benefit to one another in the here and now, in the grand narrative we are relatively inconsequential in the effect we have on each other’s lives.

You may have, in your head and heart, purchased the lie that your presence is irrelevant to the progress and purposes of those around you.

Maybe you have thought…

  • I just don’t have the emotional capacity to invest in a large number of relationships
  • I wish I had that person’s charisma and charm
  • Relationship is unnatural to me
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m in transition right now, and so it wouldn’t do much good to commit.

If this is you, I’m here to tell you that you are needed.

Because the Spirit of God dwells in those to whom God has given faith. The Holy Spirit, whose work enlivens and sustains God’s people, lives in you and intends to work through you. Which means that your presence (hear that, “your presence”) is of eternal consequence in the people with whom God has surrounded you. Your presence, not personality type, ability to meet for coffee, spiritual gifts, leadership strengths, enneagram number.

I want to tell you that your community needs you.

Exhortation: Give yourself to your community

Redeem that lie that Satan has told you, to keep to yourself, for the truth that you are how God wants to work in community to which you belong. Simply be present in the spaces in which you live, work and play, that you would participate in the joy of being God’s instrument for change.