Who is Jesus?

Mike Schumann

First, Jesus is a man who was born.

Born in shame: His birthplace was in a smelly, dirty, animal-filled barn. His crib was a manger — a rickety wooden food trough. His mother was a woman many likely rolled their eyes at, “pregnant before marriage huh?

And yet,

Jesus is a man born in glory. The glory of being begotten, not made, having no beginning and no end. The glory of being born the promised Messianic king, in the line of David, in Bethlehem - the very city of David. Born while the voices of shepherds, wise men, and a myriad of angels shouted his name.

Second, Jesus is a man who lived.

Lived in shame: The shame of fleeing King Herod and being exiled to Egypt, moving back, and then growing up in the backwater town of Nazareth. Shame of journeying with no place for him to lay his head at night and aggressive insults from religious leaders being hurled at him by day. Shame of hearing his own family call him “out of his mind" and his closest disciples saying, “I do not know the man.”

And yet,

Jesus is a man who lived in glory. Glory at his baptism as the Holy Spirit descended upon him. Glory as his father thundered out, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” Glory in his entrance to Jerusalem — welcomed in with shouts of Hosanna and palm branches lining his way — “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” Glory in his ministry as many who were healed by him stood amazed, many who were cleansed by him rejoiced, many who were raised to life by him now inhaled, exhaled, as their hearts beat steadily on to the beat of his eternal majesty.

Third, Jesus is a man who died.

Died in shame: His disciples, every one of them, fled from his side. Spit from onlookers landed in his face. Words of scorn, hate, anger filled his ears. Leather whips, shards of metal, nails of iron pierced into his skin. Mockers called out, “He saved others, can’t he save himself?”

And yet,

Jesus is a man who died in glory — The glory of walking in full obedience to the Father, the glory of knowing his death would free souls from death, the glory of taking his place as the cornerstone of the church, the glory of sitting down at the right hand of the Father – his enemies serving as his footstool.


He did not stay dead. Jesus was raised — no shame to be had here, but only glory. The glory in ripping the sting out of death, the glory in stealing hell’s keys out of Satan’s grip, the glory in telling a stone covered tomb to open up – I’m coming outta here!

Who is Jesus?” Jesus is the one and only savior of the world. That’s who he is! He is the savior of the world.