Boast in Weakness to Boast in Christ

Tyler Yoder

Boast in Weakness to Boast in Christ
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There are many areas of life where we feel weak: skills for a job or task before us, being unable to meet the needs of those we love, or unskilled to do it well, being unable to change the hearts of those around us—children, non-believers, fellow believers, friends, family members or even that we are unable to change our own heart, our habits and tendencies, and sinful flesh.

If we slow down enough to be observant, we will quickly see our weaknesses. We could respond in fear, anxiety, shame, anger, a desire to cover up our weaknesses. However, in 2nd Corinthians, Paul says there is another option: boasting in our weakness.

We exist for God’s glory, and so do our weaknesses. He wisely gave us each weakness so that His glory may shine brightly. And he gave us each weakness that we may know Him as our only Source and hope of strength.