Delighting In The Resurrection

Pastor Kyle McIver

Delighting In The Resurrection
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Ever since the days immediately following his resurrection and ascension to the right hand of the Father, Christians have gathered on Sundays to worship Jesus. There is a real sense in which every time we gather on Sunday, we are remembering and celebrating his resurrection together. And that is especially true on Easter Sunday. So tonight I want to dwell briefly on the resurrection together and consider just two of the implications for Jesus’s people.

First, consider the connection between Jesus’s resurrection and life. And when I say life here, I mean very literally being alive. As Christians, we stake everything on Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. We hold dear that he is alive this very moment, ruling and reigning over all things. He is in the truest sense, alive. And because we are united to Jesus by faith, we are tethered to life. Because he lives, we will live. Nothing can separate us from the love and life of Jesus. We will die, yes, but only in order that we might live again. Jesus defeated death! And by way of his victory, it cannot claim his people either. Even though our lives are so very fragile, we have great confidence because Jesus is risen. He is alive. And so always we will be too.

Second, consider how the resurrection sustains our hope. This past Thursday at our Maundy Thursday service, we sang We Will Feast in the House of Zion together. And one of my favorite refrains in that song is the simple statement that “we will feast, and weep no more”... we will weep no more. The world, in its present form, gives us many reasons to weep. Sin, brokenness, dysfunction, grief, loss, violence, abuse, injustice, abandonment, and suffering are everywhere. And we ought to move toward those who are suffering and hurting and weep with them. We grieve with those who grieve, but we do not grieve without hope.

You see, all of human history is hurtling toward the moment when Jesus comes again. He is alive - and he is coming back to judge the living and the dead, and he will put away sin and suffering of every kind. And we will weep no more. Can you believe that? Can you grasp the depth of redemption that Jesus has in store for us and for the world that we live in? The resurrection sustains our hope in a world full of sorrow because we know that one day we will weep no more. Every wrong will be put right, every injustice will be addressed, and Jesus Christ will rule his people in righteousness forever. This is the risen Christ who we worship together tonight.

Jesus, your resurrection reminds of your death, and your death reminds us of our sin. It is because of our sin against you that you needed to die. Please convict us of sin and draw us to repentance now in this moment of silent confession…

Jesus, we rejoice that you did not stay dead! Your resurrection is the guarantee that your sacrifice paid the penalty for our sins and was sufficient to reconcile us to you. We give thanks for your grace and we gladly confess that we need you. Thank you for hearing us and moving toward us in mercy whenever we bring our sins to you.

In Jesus’s name we pray… Amen.