Forgiven, Royal, and Ready

Pastor Kyle McIver

Forgiven, Royal, and Ready
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I have a few questions for you all this morning to start out with, and parents, I might need your help with this one. Raise your hand if you are sitting next to your dad. Now raise your hand if you’re sitting next to your mom. And now raise your hand if you’re sitting next to your brother or sister.

Alright, kids - thank you for raising your hands! And, guess what? I want to tell you guys, you kids, something very special this morning. Did you know that Jesus loves kids? That He loves kids like you? He does! You might have heard the story from the Bible when little kids wanted to climb all over Jesus and his disciples tried to stop them, but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me!” And he’s still saying that today. Jesus wants each of you, no matter how young and small you are, to come to him.

This morning I want to tell you three amazing, true things that happen when you come to Jesus. I have three words for you: forgiven, royal, and ready.

The first is forgiven. Coming to Jesus means we ask for his forgiveness. Have you ever done anything wrong? Maybe disobeyed your mom? Or yelled at your brother or sister? Or hit someone who was making you mad? Yeah, me too. Those things are called sins. When we do those things, we sin against someone else, and we sin against God too because we’re breaking his rules. And what happens when you break a rule? Discipline, right? Maybe a time out or a spanking? Or what happens when someone gets caught stealing? They could get punished by going to jail, right? Sin works the same way. We all sin every day and that sin deserves punishment… and being punished by God sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? I think so too. But guess what? Forgiveness means that Jesus takes your punishment! When we come to Him for forgiveness, he cleans up all our sins and he takes the punishment that we should get. It’s like if you steal something and Jesus goes to jail for you! Or it’s kind of like trading in a half-eaten snack for a brand new house. It seems too good to be true, but Jesus loves to give us so much more than we deserve. That’s what happens when he forgives you! He takes your sin and you get his forgiveness.

So the first thing is forgiveness.

The second is that Jesus makes you royal. Do you know what royal means? Jesus is royal because he’s a king! Kings and queens and princes and princesses are royal because they are wealthy rulers. And do you know what? When you come to Jesus, he makes you royalty! You become a prince or a princess in Jesus’s kingdom that he is building here on earth! Jesus gets to decide who you are, and when you come to him he says that he loves you and that you’re part of his royal family forever!

So now you’re forgiven, you’re royal, and the last thing is ready. You’re ready. Have you ever had a hard day before? I sure have. And when I have hard days I feel like being mean to people. Or like being lazy. Or maybe just thinking about myself all day. And those are always sad days. Have you had one of those days? Yeah, me too. Well, guess what? When you come to Jesus, he never leaves you - even on your worst days! He promises to help you and comfort you when you’re having the worst day ever so that instead of giving up, you can keep going. When Jesus is your best friend, you’re ready for anything!

And to all the adults in the room, this goes for you too! When we come to Jesus, we find forgiveness, a royal identity, and a best friend who will walk with us when we’re at our worst. So kids and everyone else in the room this morning, let’s come to Jesus together and bring our sins to him so that he can forgive us.