What God Thinks About Your Busyness

Pastor Dan Nichols

In many ways, I do not feel as if I have lived much of life. Depending on the Lord’s providence, I still have more years in front of me than behind. But as far as I can tell, the further I walk into it the more It seems to me as if what I would call “a state of busyness” becomes normal for life.

And each of us has our own language for describing our state of busyness. Some will, in conversation, begin listing all the things going on. “I’ve got this, and then there’s this, and that….and then I want to do this.” Or you, like me, may have a catch-phrase for your busy life. Mine is, “there’s a lot going on right now.” In the worst case, one might admit to being overwhelmed by it. Often when one confesses to being “stressed out” it may not be the types of things that are causing the stress as much as the amount of them.

The truth about busyness is that there are always two factors at play.

First, there are circumstances that are out of your control. Or, they are at least somewhat out of your control. I have a hard time admitting that my reactions to these out-of-control circumstances are actually within my control. These are the things that happen in life that increase the tempo. My family has felt it this summer. Between a two-year-old with a broken leg and the unique season of caring for aging grandparents and several other things, we have had a lot going on (there is that catchphrase again)

And then there are choices that are within your control, decisions based upon the things that you value and care about. We are busy because things are important to us. Even the things we choose to do that we may not particularly enjoy (a job, for example), we do them because they are in some way connected with things we do care about.

However busyness has taken shape in your life, your exhortation this morning is to see two truths concerning God’s attitude toward your busyness. The first is that your busyness means everything to Him. He cares about everything that you walk into, every person you choose to spend time with, every place that you go, every activity, and every item on your calendar.

God walks before you into those things. He gives more thought to the activities in your life than even you do. He cares about what you care about. And he does not simply care about the activities. He also cares about you in them. He wishes to use you, and bless you, and take care of you. Your busyness means everything to God.

Second, and I want you to hear this with all the generosity, mercy, and compassion that my words and my tone cannot possibly convey, your busyness means nothing to God. He is not pleased simply by activity. More colored dots on the digital calendar do not function as currency in His economy. More action does not mean greater spirituality or value. You must not feel as if in order for God to be happy with your life there must be a lot going on in it. And Because He cares little of your busyness, you can let go of things you once felt you had to do and you can simply rest in the gospel of Jesus Christ.