A Priest-King for the Ignorant and Wayward

Pastor Dan Nichols

A Priest-King for the Ignorant and Wayward
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Sermon Text: Hebrews 5:1-6

Growing up we used to take our boat onto a lake, drop anchor, and go for a swim. Every once in a while you get out into a lake that’s deep enough where you can’t drop anchor because the line attached to it just isn’t long enough. In which case we might just start swimming and let the boat just drift.

It's amazing how quickly an anchorless boat can drift away from its original location. If the wind is blowing, not only will the drifting happen quicker, but the boat always goes in the opposite direction of the wind pressure. And unless you are paying attention, the drift of the boat can go easily unnoticed for a great deal of time.

All of these things are true about Spiritual drift. It can happen really quickly, and it often goes unnoticed. Meaning that more often than not you won’t even know when you’re drifting spiritually. And the community that the author of Hebrews writes to is in the midst of spiritual drift. And the winds are blowing hard. So what does HE do? He anchors them to an ascending view of the great high priest, Jesus Christ.