Becoming Human: Us

Pastor Dan Nichols

Becoming Human: Us
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Sermon Text: Ephesians 4:1-16

Good or bad, we all probably have a story or memory about a group project we were a part of in high school or college. And that's because most of the time there are two types of people in the group: those who are carrying the group and those who are being carried.

The truth about the image of God is it too is a group project. However, different from our previous experiences, the Church is composed of only one type. Within the Church, there are not producers and consumers, or carriers and the carried. There are soley builders. Everyone who is called by Christ and set apart by the Holy Spirit is made responsible for the work of growing the people of God into a brighter, clearer image of Jesus Christ. The Church is a group project intended for the good of the world.

God intends for the church to become a more powerful reflection of who He is and what He does than any single individual ever could. And my aim is that your understanding of and appreciation for the church would grow even deeper and more vibrant than it already is. Here in Ephesians 4, we will begin to see what God's plan for the Church is, what maturity looks like, and what cultivates maturity among us.