Focusing In the Face of Opposition

Pastor Dan Nichols

Focusing In the Face of Opposition
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Sermon Text: Nehemiah 6-7

I like toys, probably too much. But the truth is that I never particularly enjoyed toys for building because I rarely completed the build. I just could not stay focused, and within the first 20% of the build, I usually decided that I wanted to do something else.

Now, you might not be like me. You might have been the kid that parents stopped buying legos for, either because you were addicted, it just got too expensive, or maybe both. Maybe you enjoy putting things together; it’s just natural for you. Either way, the truth for each of us is that completion requires something from the builder.

In the book of Nehemiah, we see a wall that should have taken years to erect get built in 52 days. We see a community of individuals with a singular focus in the face of serious opposition. And in the sixth chapter of Nehemiah, we see what it takes to finish the work. To finish the building one must be ruled by Worship and resist the temptation to run away.