God's Unfinished Work in His Garden Kingdom

Pastor Dan Nichols

God's Unfinished Work in His Garden Kingdom
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Sermon Text: Nehemiah 1

Ezra and Nehemiah are one book capturing a singular idea: the reestablishment of God’s people in God’s place. The people of Israel were sent into exile as an act of God’s judgment for their disobedience, and now they have been brought back and the kingdom is being rebuilt.

And the book of Ezra captures some of the good work in this kingdom re-establishment. As we have seen in the last 9 sermons, throughout the book of Ezra, the Temple gets rebuilt and God’s people are again able to worship him, indicating that Yahweh is alive and at work Redeeming his people from the nations and bringing them back into worshipful community with him.

But in Nehemiah 1 we are reminded that Gods’ work in his kingdom people is not finished. And that’s a theme that I want us to pick up on in these books. God has work that he wants to do in his people, growth that he intends to bring about. And God has work that he wants to do in this people. This is not just about Israel under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah. It’s about us. God is not finished with his church, with this church. And the reminder that God's work goes unfinished is a serious problem that we encounter right at the beginning of chapter 1