Is Reformation Enough?

Pastor Dan Nichols

Is Reformation Enough?
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Sermon Text: Nehemiah 13

The books of Ezra and Nehemiah offer us various glimpses into God’s ongoing work to bring together and build up a community of men and women who are fully devoted to displaying His glory. Throughout the last 18 weeks, we have seen that this is an unfinished work because at every turn there have been reminders that God still has more to do. This “already, but not yet” is a hard place to be because there is nothing comfortable or ideal about a work unfinished.

At this juncture in the story, the covenant has been renewed and Ezra and Nehemiah have put things in place for the community to function and worship together. But things still not quite right. In Nehemiah 13, we see three specific areas still in need of reform: worship, sabbath, and community. And in seeing these things our eyes turn towards the final work of restoration, and the subsequent transformation.