Sit, Stand, and Step: Responding to the Word of God

Pastor Dan Nichols

Sit, Stand, and Step: Responding to the Word of God
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Sermon Text: Nehemiah 8:13-18

If you have known and followed Jesus for any length of time, no matter for how long, you know that the Bible is important. And even though we do not always act consistently with this truth, it is no less real. But why exactly is this book so important? Is it simply that God has given us some "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth," like this book is some kind of guide we need to follow in order to live a good life while here on earth?

The Bible is important because it is God's covenant document. He has chosen to enter into a relationship with people and this book details everything we need to know about that relationship. And in this book, we have been given commands, certain expectations pertaining to how we live in a relationship with this God. And as these laws are revealed we are responsible to sit before them, stand at the ready, and step forward in obedience.