Songs of Advent: Pt 1 - The Overture

Pastor Dan Nichols

Songs of Advent: Pt 1 - The Overture
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Sermon Text: Luke 1:26-38

One of the characteristics you will commonly find in any good opera, concert, or musical is an overture, which is a shortened musical tune that captures the notes, themes, elements, and sequences to be found in various pieces throughout the show. In one way the overture sets up everything that you will hear in the forthcoming piece, and thus makes all the music and singing you would hear over the next 1-2 hours feel familiar. It acts of a sort-of prologue to the primary content.

Luke chapters 1 and 2 provide us with numerous glimpses of different individuals such as Elizabeth, Zechariah, and humble shepherds as they encounter the message that God has sent the long-awaited Messiah, the one whom his people have been hoping in for generations. Each of these glimpses contains two keynotes: the reveal of the Messiah and the response of faith. And Gabrial's message to Mary functions as the overture to these encounters as she hears him speak of her unborn son Jesus and about how God would empower her to serve his redemptive purposes. She listens attentively to the revelation of what this Messiah would be like, and then she responds with faith in the promises of God.