Songs of Advent: Pt 2 - The Song of Blessing

Pastor Tyler Yoder

Songs of Advent: Pt 2 - The Song of Blessing
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Sermon Text: Luke 1:39-56

Mary’s life was humble and complicated in several ways, and it was about to get more complicated, even as she received this incredible news from the angel. And yet, like her Son, her eyes were fixed on the joy set before her, not only of the birth of this incredible Gift and her role in that story, but joy in the long-awaited fulfillment of God’s promises to His people. It’s in this complicated excitement and joy that Mary sang.

And when we look at the fellowship Mary and Elizabeth had with each other in their complicated yet excited situation, we can have a similar fellowship with each other. We may be separated by age, by life circumstances, by personality, and so much more, but we, like Mary and Elizabeth, have all experienced a miracle…we were all dead in our trespasses and sins, and God made us alive. Oh, how much encouragement awaits us when we marvel at our shared miraculous gift of God.

I recently went to the immersive Van Gogh exhibit here in the Twin Cities. For around 35 minutes, in this two-story, large, dark, empty room, you see one animated projection after another of the artist’s masterpieces on the massive walls. You see details you never would have caught from the small, static painting that are brought to life. One masterpiece after another, each set to powerful orchestral music. This is what Mary is doing in her song in her complicated but excited context with Elizabeth: she is magnifying one glorious masterpiece of the Lord after another, her life as one such testament to the great things the Lord has done.