Songs of Advent: Pt 4 - Jesus is Worth it

Pastor Dan Nichols

Songs of Advent: Pt 4 - Jesus is Worth it
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Sermon Text: Luke 2:1-21

Today we see the birth of Jesus as the crescendo because He is the highest point of the song. And my hope is to answer a single question, one that you may have asked before - was it worth it. Which is a question with a value-based answer. When you ask the question, “was it worth it” there are two factors. The first factor is sacrifice. What did you give up for it? The second factor is gain. What did you get from it? Cost versus gain. You can look back on all the major decisions of your life, from college to marriage to having children, and ask, "was it worth it?"

Maybe you don't like asking that question because you tend to treat positives as wins and negatives as a wash. And that’s ok. In fact, I think that sometimes you and I have a poor perspective on whether or not something was worthwhile. Because something may look like a loss in the eyes of the world, but in God’s eyes it was a win.

But we all want our lives to be about something that’s worth it. It may or may not be helpful to look back and ask, “was it worth it?” But you and I must, must, ask and answer the question, “is he worth it? Is Jesus worth it?" There are times when the present reality makes this a difficult question to answer. When death comes, when sorrow hits, when children turn away from Jesus, when finances aren’t there, when relationships are’s a hard question to answer.

But that’s the whole point of Advent. You’re in darkness, and sorrow, and any hope you have is yet to be fulfilled. You know something good is coming, but you don’t know when. And waiting, the present state of life, is hard. But it's also worth it.