Striving to Enter God's Rest

Pastor Tyler Yoder

Striving to Enter God's Rest
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Sermon Text: Hebrews 4:1-11

God says we have six days to work. The work He expects us to be faithful with can always be done in six days. Maybe not all of the tasks we could do, but all the tasks He asks and expects us to do to be faithful to the calling He’s given us. Six days of work is enough. Rest is not an option. Rest is a gift that God gives to us.

But God’s rest is not just a ceasing from work. It is a commencing of an experience of rest that glories in joy and peace at the One who has provided blessing. God's rest is a position or state of rest, a place of rest, and a present experience of rest--and the promise of entering that rest still stands for us today. As such, there is an urgency with which we need to strive to enter God's rest. We do this by Remembering, Trusting, and Obeying God and His Word. We cannot fall into the same sort of hardness of heart that is not impacted by the things of God, nor can we continue to walk in disobedience, for our eternal rest is at stake. But God has also promised to keep us, and our entering His rest is still completely paid for by Jesus. And it is in light of that assurance that we strive to enter His rest.

But it is not just a promise of future rest. We can experience God's rest today as we rest from our works: from earning righteousness, from walking in the ways of the world, from work itself, from obtaining more. What has passed is enough. What we have today is enough. And what Jesus has provided is enough. In our striving, may we also glimpse our future rest, even today.