The Dawning of the Kingdom

Pastor Dan Nichols

The Dawning of the Kingdom
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When God thinks of you as His child, as a follower of Jesus, what does He wish for? What does He hope for each of his kids? And, in the same way, what does he hope the house of God, His kingdom manifest on earth? The Westminster Confession says that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

There’s a lot of BIble behind that, and various ways to communicate it. But one way to rephrase it is something like, "The people of God exist to declare and display the beauty of God and His kingdom, to say and shine, to proclaim and present the beauty of God." That is at the heart of what it means to follow Jesus, both corporately and individually. From our love for Him, we declare truths about who God is and put those truths on display.

Meaning that we are storytelling people, both in the sense that we tell of God’s stories and in the sense that we act them out. We dramatize the stories of God. We don’t just proclaim the gospel, we perform it. The Church acts as the theater for God’s redemptive story. And a way in which the church does this is by walking through the various seasons of the liturgical calendar.

And so the aim of this 2-week series is to plot out the life of Christ as it is seen in and through the sequential seasons in the church calendar. And the purpose is to challenge you to take on the different attitudes that belong to Christ as king by walking through the different phases of His inaugurated kingship.