The Good Hand of God Was On Him

Pastor Dan Nichols

The Good Hand of God Was On Him
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Sermon Text: Ezra 7

God talks in a way that you and I can understand. He gave us a book that we can know, and its language is not to, lofty for us. It is not as though he speaks to us as if he is the expert, always using terms that we cannot fully understand. And one of the ways he does this is by using figurative language. Specifically, He personifies by giving human characteristics to non-literal realities.

In Ezra 7 the personification has to do with the hand of the Lord resting upon Ezra, in the same manner as others before and after him such as Elisha, Ezekiel, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah, and the apostle Paul. And the question is, what happens when the Hand of the Lord is upon a man? It means that God is about to get something done through that person. That’s what the hand of the Lord does. When God rests his hand on a person, it means that is about to do work. And the subsequent result is that the heart is bent, the nations bow, and the people are blessed.