The Purpose of Providence

Pastor Dan Nichols

The Purpose of Providence
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Sermon Text: Esther 8-10

In 2008 I hiked a trail called "4 Mile Trail" with a good buddy of mine, and it was the most difficult hike I've ever completed. The problem was not the distance, but the fact that in four miles we climbed 3,200 feet of elevation. The only thing that kept us going was the anticipation of the view we would experience at the end of the trail, a view of Yosemite National Park in its entirety.

Having the end in sight is often what keeps us moving forward in the daily grind of faith. So what is the endgame of providence? In chapters 8-10 we see three reversals at the heart of how providence’s work is made complete: a reversal from destruction to salvation, sorrow to celebration, and dishonor to exaltation.